Premium: Philomath Rodeo, OR Trial

It is not appropriate to contact or visit the trial location prior to the trial date, nor should training take place on trial grounds once an event is approved/announced. Our locations are real life search environments where people work, go to school, etc. Pre-trial contact or visits risk the host losing the opportunity to use the location again in the future.

Trial Host:
Janice Jenkins/Canine Discovery Corp

Entry Cost
NW1: $110 per dog and handler team
Elite: $155 per dog and handler team

One dog per handler per level.

Attention: All NACSW participants and volunteers

Updated: 5/10/2021

This document provides information regarding expectations and requirements regarding trial events as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve. It is your responsibility to be aware of the current information if you attend an event. 

NACSW Event Attendees Requirements and Guidelines

All attendees of an event (competitors, volunteers, officials, etc.) are required to follow all local, state, federal, and CDC orders, guidelines and recommendations including but not limited to travel, social distancing of a minimum of 6’ at all times, face masks, hand washing/sanitizing. In the event of conflicting recommendations, guidelines or orders the strictest one will apply. 

There may be additional host or facility requirements such as temperature checks a requirement for attending a trial. All attendees must follow all lawful requirements. Hosts will include specifics regarding the applicable requirements and recommendations regarding COVID-19 for their trials in the premium and the final details email. Be aware that this information may change as the trial date approaches. The hosts will make their best effort to update you on these changes as they take place. It is your responsibility to make sure you are willing to follow the requirements and recommendations prior to paying for an entry to the trial. The published cancellation policy will apply. 

Please continue to verify spectator guidelines prior to bringing additional people to the event.

All attendees will stay home if they are not feeling well, showing any symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19. We also recommend that those in at risk groups follow any local, state, federal, CDC recommendations for staying home.

Anyone in attendance at the trial will be subject to NACSW disciplinary action if they do not adhere to the information in this document.

Any questions relating to a specific event can be sent to the trial host. Any other questions can be sent to

In addition to those guidelines the following changes and guidelines are in effect for this trial due to COVID-19.

Any travel and quarantine recommendations, restrictions and requirements for the trial location and local jurisdiction.
All attendees (competitors and volunteers) will be required to bring and wear face masks when not in your vehicle.
Competitors are asked to remain in their vehicles as much as possible. Running of vehicles is permitted.
Competitors are asked to bring their own hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes.

If there are any changes or updates after the draw period, entrants will be notified via email.


All trial related questions, contact:
Janice Jenkins/Canine Discovery Corp
Phone number for day of trial to be provided to competitors after the draw.

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